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To protest the $450 million Department of Education budget cuts for 2008-2009, two members of the PA at PS 87 in Manhattan have organized a citywide protest project.

Modeled upon the 3rd grade letter project at PS 87 - which resulted in a very positive news piece on WABC on May 14th available for viewing on our NEWS page. The Kids Protest Project has organized students (accompanied by their parents) from different public schools around the city to arrive at Tweed Courthouse (DOE headquarters) each afternoon in June to protest the budget cuts.

The kids will continue to arrive until Chancellor Klein appears on the steps of the courthouse to announce the full restoration of the DOE budget.  Here we invite you to read our letter of introduction to Schools Chancellor Klein - June 9, 2008.

If you are willing to sign-up on behalf of some class(es) from your school for a day in June, or able to help in some other capacity, please contact Paula Seefeldt: or Cynthia Wachtell:

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